Urocasil capsules

Kidneys detoxifier

lazy kidneys don't drain properly. They don't clear uric acide as it should; at this state, you should take some measure before this fine dust (renal lithiasis) stays and that will lead to kidney stones that everybody knows the difficulty of evacuation. Thus, we need a safe and sure product.

Orthosiphon-solidago virgaurea will protect you from kidney stones, lithiasis and gout attack.

Dosage : 2 to 6 capsules a day

Conditionnement : 60 capsules of 495 mg

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Urocasil capsules to avoid gout attack

Uric acide when reaching saturation, causes a release of lithiasis on joints that by crystalizing inflates the joints that leads to a gout attack.

Product designed and manufactured in France.

The active ingredients of Urocasil capsules ortosiphon-solidago vigaurea, make sure to drain the dust (lithiasis) as soon as it appears to avoid that it accumutales in the kidney.

Java tea avoids uric acide storage, which initiates the gout attack or the renal stones.

Solidago vigaurea strenghten diuretic effect and prevents from inflammations or renal sones.

Activated for draining the kidneys, Java tea by combining its compnents (flavonoids, phenol, triterpenes) eliminates uric acid with choloretic and diuretic action.

Draining is a specific action of herbal medicine that enables renal eliminations .

Orthosiphon and solidago virgaurea have no known risks ; for this reason, it enable long-term treatment, comfortable and precious for a permanent wellbeing.

Take account of the dose.

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Based on 1 review

  • Simone L.
    Published 28/08/2020 à 11:06 (Order date: 14/08/2020)

    Excellent, je n'ai plus de crise de goutte et mon taux d'acide urique est stable, je fais des cures régulières et ça va.

  • Java tea
  • Orthosiphon
  • Solidago vigaurea

Urocasil capsules helps in case of gout, only the good dose can eliminate the uric acid.

It is a dietary supplement that cannot be used as a subtitute for meal.

Mode d'emploi

Treatment to prevent or eliminate abuses is composed of an intensive cure of 6 capsules a day, taken in two times in morning and afternoon for the first 3 days; then the next wee 2 capsules in morning and evening and after 3 or 4 weeks: 1 capsule in morning and evening.

Don't exceed the daily dose

Keep away from children reach

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