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Epicarp oil

Fight against carpal tunnel syndrom

Daily dose :1 to 2 massages a day

Conditionning : 100 ml

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Epicarp oil provides comfort for the carpal tunnel syndrom and Morton syndrom by the active set gaultheria and helicrysum, cupressus, juniperus that will relieve and decongest the area hand-wrist-finger or foot-toe .

They have anti-inflammatory and regenerative property to eliminate tingling with massages.

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A relief for the hand and tingling - the solution for carpal tunnel

Finally the good active ingredients in a massage oil against carpal tunel syndrom.

The repetition of the same gesture causes an inflammation in the carpal tunnel, composed of tendons form the hand to the wrist, the elbow and the arm; first a swelling of the tendons due to inflammation, then an important secretion of synovial fluid that cannot escape; at this state hand is painful and there is tingling in fingers inducing trouble to properly move, even for elementary gesture and pain; it can also affect baby finger, in this case, massages should be done on the elbow.

Produict designed and manufactured in France.

IT staff, clerk, cashier, laborer and other supporting staff who repeat all day the same gesture have stress period more or less discernible.

They are the best target. It has begun long time ago, now, everything is swelling, wringged, painful inside, then comes the tingling; massage with Epicarp oil will soothen and comfort it.

In case of doubt on the carpal tunnel syndrom, it is better to anticipate the massage before the pain, you will feel better in case of discomfort.

Epicarp oil also help people who suffer from Morton syndrom by reducing the stress in the nerves and tendons area; toes feel better and are soothed.

Cupressus and helicrysum to enhance the relief and reduce pain in tendons, associated with lavanda angustifolia among other. During 15 to 20 days, daily prolonged massage 2 to 3 times a day, to quickly reach the damaged area, juniperus and cupressus for in depth action. You should finish the bottle.

Ingredients & details

  • Sesamum indicum oil
  • gaulthéria procombens
  • hélicrysum
  • juniperus
  • cupressus
  • lavanda angustifolia
  • limonene
  • linalol
  • géraniol

Precisions :
Epicarp oil helps in case of carpal tunnel syndrom, and Morton syndrom localised in the toes.

Daily dose: 
Try to massage 2 times a day and everyday.

Always test a bit of the product before using it all over.
Not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Products should be stored out of the reach of children.

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Epicarp oil
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  • Commande T.
    Published 25/06/2019 à 10:05 (Order date: 14/06/2019)

    Produit qui a permis à ma femme de ne pas être opérée. Vraiment très bon produit.

  • Francois K.
    Published 13/02/2019 à 18:09 (Order date: 30/01/2019)