• Mycosal


Finish the mycosis

The solution for the fungal nail infections

A fungal infection can not be discovered at once.

It can be noticed  a stained nail on the side, or a nail whiter than the others or all the nails of the foot are white.

Very effective on athlete's feet.

A declared fungal infection confronts Mycosal and disappears.

Dosage : 1 application per day

Conditionnement : 10ml

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Fungal nail infections : Mycosal

A local cure

Fungal infections are called onychomycosis infections, caused by fungi and/or yeasts, sometimes molds, which feed on the nail by destroying it.
Antifungals (antifungals) come from Latin: fungus which means mushroom.
The treatment is local (that is to say on the nail (s) where the fungal infection is located).

How to get fungal nail infection?
Sick patients deposit infected skin fragments on the floor that can in turn transmit the disease.
Dermatophytes contaminate bare feet walking on public floors (pools, cloakrooms: (gyms, dance halls), tatami ...).
They are therefore active oils capable of curing fungal infections, that is infections caused by microscopic fungi.

How does Mycosal work?
By directly attacking the wall of the nail, causing cell death and / or blocking cell division.
Mycosal, associated with sesame oil which limits the development of fungal infections, and helps repair skin tissue combines tea tree essential oils, thymus serpillum, Lavandula latifolia, Cinamomum cassia, it gets rid of your fungal infections without difficulty.

Remark:  1 fungal infection : 1 bottle, Finish the bottle, even if the fungal infection seems to have disappeared.

  • Sésamum indicum oil
  • H.E. de Tea tree
  • thymus serpillum
  • Lavandula latifolia
  • Cinamomum cassia

Mycosal oil helps quickly to fungal nail infection, hand or foot.

Always apply on a small area of ​​skin before treating widely.

Mode d'emploi

The first task will be to cut all the nails as short as possible, then in general, 1 application in the evening, on the clean nail of hand or foot  Leave to air dry (5 minutes). Applications can be done 2 times a day (morning and evening).

Don't exceed the daily dose

Keep away from children reach