Liver herbal tea

Relieve the liver

An herbal tea for the liver is joining the useful to the pleasant

Liver problems, due to table abuse, need help that cleanses and relieves the liver.

Eliminate itching and yellow eyes with herbal medicine.

Safe product.

Dosage : 1 1 pinch par cup

Conditionnement : Packet of100g

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Made in France Product designed and manufactured in France.
Bio cosmetics / Eco Cert

A herbal tea that brings you a comforting fast effect in a few days,

Which will allow you to find an answer to your migraines and itching.

Product designed, manufactured and made in France.

Relieving the liver and its small pains with herbal medicine

A comfort effect in a few days, allowing you to find relaxation, improvement and spontaneity, reassuring and effective.

All our herbal teas are good to taste, but can be sweetened with honey.

The needs of each are different, this to explain that it is not available in sachets-doses, but be careful not to over-dose:

1 pinch per cup is a good dose.

Daily dose: 1 to 3 times.

It will prove to you that you have to do with real herbal medicine products, it is the pieces of plants which of all their size come to compose your herbal tea; not only is it normal, but above all it is reassuring.

  • Controlled milk thistle
  • Milk thistle fruit

The herbal tea for liver brings it help to temporary or long-lasting complications by removing migraine headaches and scraping

Mode d'emploi

There are two ways to take the herbal tea:

Let infuse 10-12 min. Covered and express the plants (press to remove the remaining assets) as soon as the infusion is finished.

Or, prepare it at night by letting it cool all night covered with the ingredients.

Filter, it can be consumed hot or cold.

Don't exceed the daily dose

Keep away from children reach