Epical oil

The selected active ingredients helps to reduce tendonitis even tendonitis of the foot.  
With a tendonitis, you tend to turn your foot and that causes an emerging tendonitis of the forefoot, beging the massage; for the sole of the foot: soft and extended massage with Epical oil. 

But a tendonitis, wherever it is, should be massaged with Epical oil.

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Juniperus and basilicum help to reduce tendonitis

Tendonitis of the foot including pain in the arches of the foot.

For the tendonitis in general: small reminder on the tendonitis: a lengthy physical effort or a bad posture, a moov without prior warm-up are enough to start a tendon inflammation, hence the tendonitis.

The active ingredients of the Epical oil smooth and hydrate the affected areas with the Juniperus that relieves the pain and the basillicum that acts as an anti-inflammatory. Their main quality is to relax and calm the affected area with a daily basis massage.

A foot massage with the Epical oil, and your foot will fly away, comfort is regained...

For epicondylitis :
In the morning loosen up the painful elbow with an application of Epical oil in long and soft massages; to be repeated 2 to 3 times a day.

The tendonitis of the knee is due to sport or work, or the person aged 50-65 years old, which without forcing becomes an arthritis.

The main tendonitis are :

1/the tendonitis of the shoulder , iliotibialband syndrome and Pes anserinus tendonitis.

If it is due to sport, temporary stop the sport gesture and replace it eventually by a softer and harmless gesture,

then, massage...

Respect the guiding principle : we don't force.

To make sure that your massage oil works well, try to massage 2 times a day....

.... and everyday even if in the first few days you will not completely find the lost comfort.

Massages help to relieve the muscle tension in general and should be systematically done after any physical effort.

Apply in a fine layer on the area if it is not too painful, then, gently massage.

Very useful in case of weakness or loss of plantar pad.

Massages avoids overprotecting by taking bad posture and ensure that you will find your gesture comfort faster.

For the tendonitis of the foot: tarsus and metatarsus :

For those who walk fast, who do a lot of walking or stamp (waiter, salesperson, employee…), the pain under the feet is expressed through a terrible discomfort a little bite like a burn in the arch of the foot (plantar fasciitis) and in the area of origin for the pain in the toes, which is a pain well localized very similar to the one you feel when you can no longer walk, a little bit like bruising on the feet. Epical oil has a specific function for your foot recovery.

This kind of tendonitis requires long and regular massage, especially in the evening. You will find in the active ingredients of the epical oil a remarkable efficiency for the tendon relaxation almost immediately. The other ingredients will bring you in-depth calm and flexibility.

When you massage, the active ingredients are synergized and increase the blood concentration in the concerned area by boosting the tissues’ irrigation; prolonged massage with Epical oil have a very good effect on tendonitis.

Epical oil acts on every tendonitis from over use of :shoulders, hands, elbows, feet and other. After a long and gentle massage, leave the concerned muscle relaxed.

Let’s take the example of the achille heel or the tendonitis of biceps ; in these cases, massages should take place after cleansing, they should be long and generous especially at the beginning,

the warm-up will be long and soft.

You will feel a sustainable comfort, even if some people react less quickly, make sure to not make sudden movements ; drink water and eat cooked vegetables that will give you water; tendonitis requires that you rest (and sleep) and definitely a small activity of the concerned muscle.

Always test a bit of the product before using it all over.

Not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Herbal products should be stored out of the reach of children.

Don't exceed the daily dose

Keep away from children reach

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