Comfort & Well being

  • Epinum has developed a range of dietary supplements to regulate appetite problems.

    Rexyl is specially designed for thinness problems.

    Dietinal is designed for snacking problems.

    Our herbal products work naturally and gently. With our program you will achieve your goal with pleasure.

  • Fitness & Vitality:

    Diuretic, the only complete diuretic that really increases urinations, thus allowing recovering a slimmer allure and shape due to the eliminated water.

    Vitaminum, to strengthen you and makes you dynamic and refreshed. Designed for seniors whose efforts cost.

    Erection problem

    Life is not the same for everyone, sexual disorders either. Restructuring takes time and sometimes finding your libido can lead to needs that do not always have time to wait.

    Those who have recent erection problems will take strong Octisex made for them; it is a safe product, it acts directly on the libido; but be careful, it restructures gently. Do not wait for spontaneous erection, without the help of the partner.

    Another solution, Octisex Force2, for sexual disorders more focused on tiredness for him or her; with these capsules you can find your libido faster.

  • Insomnia and / or sleep problems: To sleep well, the effectiveness of plants.

    Plants do not react in the same way as allopathic medicines, they envelop the ground without aggression or exclusive target; the help of a serotonin precursor allows to relax the body and the mind without constraint or effort, conceding an awakening without heaviness giving you a real easy awakening. Melassom makes you sleep again.

    Anxiety, stress, this is a daily difficulty to eliminate.

    Stressed, nervous, why not shy, calm down, react; you can count on these selected plants that make up Melastress to help you. Melastress has been providing services against stress for over 5 years.

  • The synergy of 2 plants will transform your cholesterol and your way of seeing food abuses by giving you a high quality lipid-lowering. Chlovenol is a safe product.

  • The help provided by herbal medicine for type 2 diabetes is measurable. Only higher hypoglycemic agents are capable of such help. Obviously, this action in the long term will provide pleasure and safety, for example, it will reduce desire of sugar.

  • Flatulence:

    Activated carbon, probably the most effective. A good activated carbon to suppress flatulence, immediately. It regulates flatulence problems due to strong meats or sausages or marinades, as well as raw vegetables and seasonings.

    Be sure to digest properly, a help of choice: Epibal capsules.

    We get used to eating badly or eating too quickly and one day we realize that digesting poses problems: heartburn, flatulence, belching. If we don’t chew enough, the stomach reacts badly, and by eating too quickly, flatulenc eappears; and with the absorbed air, the bloating begins. But you can also feel like you're full before you start eating. We must calm the difficult digestion.


    There are many causes of heartburn, including:overproduction of stomach acid; increased pressure on the stomach (often due to overweight or pregnancy); irregular meals, too fat or too rich; with spices, acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc.

    Digest better with plants

    A selection of plants with digestive and toning virtues, will act to relieve the pains and difficult digestion with our herbal tea.


    Constipation refers to a delayed or hard stool evacuation. Finding comfort remains the priority. 1 to 3 capsules well distributed in the evening, without aggression and without pain and you will find the comfort safely.

  • Purge your liver with drainers from herbal products. The liver drainer is used to clean the organ that works poorly by intervening on the bile and pancreas.

    This is due to repeated epicurean abuses, balanced in general between good food and good wines. An annual cleaning is beneficial.

  • Clean the kidneys and lower the uric acid with herbal medicine: Urocasil for kidneys draining against uric acid and gout crisis.

    Relieve uric acid that covers the kidneys (lithiasis) with a fine powder; this powder stagnates without being eliminated, because of lazy kidneys.Indeed a part of the population is like that, if you are part of it, Urocasil will help you for your "no" gout attacks.

  • Unique formula composition made to help those who suffer from memory disordersand therefore cannot have enough concentration.To mark the neurons nourish them with Méminol.

  • Detoxify means cleansing your body from toxins; it is a phytotherapy term which now is a usual expression. It is essential!

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