Digestion & Transit


Activated carbon, probably the most effective. A good activated carbon to suppress flatulence, immediately. It regulates flatulence problems due to strong meats or sausages or marinades, as well as raw vegetables and seasonings.

Be sure to digest properly, a help of choice: Epibal capsules.

We get used to eating badly or eating too quickly and one day we realize that digesting poses problems: heartburn, flatulence, belching. If we don’t chew enough, the stomach reacts badly, and by eating too quickly, flatulenc eappears; and with the absorbed air, the bloating begins. But you can also feel like you're full before you start eating. We must calm the difficult digestion.


There are many causes of heartburn, including:overproduction of stomach acid; increased pressure on the stomach (often due to overweight or pregnancy); irregular meals, too fat or too rich; with spices, acidic foods, alcoholic beverages, coffee, etc.

Digest better with plants

A selection of plants with digestive and toning virtues, will act to relieve the pains and difficult digestion with our herbal tea.


Constipation refers to a delayed or hard stool evacuation. Finding comfort remains the priority. 1 to 3 capsules well distributed in the evening, without aggression and without pain and you will find the comfort safely.

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