Tendinits & Joints

  • Juniperus and basilicum help reduce tendonitis of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Pain of the arches of the foot, pain under the feet: Epical Oil, herbal products developed by Epinum Labo.

  • Arthrossène:

    Osteoarthritis problems with persistent pain, sometimes even violent, deserve an effective and safe way to intervene on these pains.

    Whenever an effort occurs, it is a permanent pain, perhaps mechanical, chronic. A cure lasts 1 to 9 months according to the attacks; it depends on the symptom and the state of the cartilage.


    The recipe of our great-fathers: some plants of the garden to calm persistent osteoarthritis. Thanks to the chamomile, the fleabane and the meadows. Osteoarthritis and arthritis, joints (hands, fingers, knees): Arthrosénior: a benefit against osteoarthritis and serious arthritis.

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