Feet & Hands comfort

  • Herbal medicine has solutions against plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

    When someone is subject to heel spur, it is the disorder; the pain is there, painful, aching and undeniable.

    The pain is unbearable under the heel. Acting on the spur and plumping the heel is the effect proposed by Epinum; to calm the heel spuroverweight is another handicap.

    Epical cream that has been developed for more than 7 years has helped many spurs to not hurt anymore.

  • There are many jobs for which the wearing of gloves would be advisable ... but the workers have become accustomed or do as the elders did and we arrive directly in autumn with chapped hands. Because the hands suffer, it is necessary to calm the pain of the damaged hands and treat them with natural cares.When the handsare injured, damaged and chapped, there is a true pain; moisturize your hands, soften your hands. It is to repair naturallythe chapped hands that the Cimardyl oil has been designed. Brittle and split nails are fragile nails that need to be repaired and helped. More or less deficient nutritional input is the first epidermal phenomena for nails, but there are also shocks, tobacco, alcohol and medicines.

  • Juniperus and basilicum help reduce tendonitis under the feet and pains on the arches of the foot. Epical Oil, herbal products developed by Epinum Labo.

    Nails also get fungal infections and these funguses eat them from below, without leaving anything ... slowly, with time. Mycosal: the nail fungus solution.

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